10th Anniversary Year * 2013

Dear Readers,

May 16th 2013 marks Paradigm’s 10th anniversary. Our staff thought it fitting to create our favorite “Top 10” list to share and celebrate. It was difficult to narrow our choices but here goes:

10.   Publishing more than 500 books - and not one title put out of print.

9.   Arranging translation editions in more than 25 languages, including Urdu, Bengali, and Catalan - not to mention Charles Tilly’s first Arabic translation.

8.  Winning important book prizes in every discipline in which we publish, including key awards from ASA, APSA, and AERA.

7.  Incubating a distinguished homegrown journal, Anthropology Now, adopted by the membership of the AAA’s General Anthropology Division.

6.  Producing well-designed and expertly edited books on time and with author accolades.

5.   Launching Paradigm’s e-book program with 250 titles available through EBSCO and ebrary.

4.   Securing reviews in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the NYRB, The Nation, Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic, TLS, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many more.

3.   Publishing distinctive new introductory textbooks, including the first postmodern sociology text, the first American government text written from the perspective of racial and ethnic minorities, the first biosocial introduction to sociology, and the first education toolkit in teaching for social justice.

2.   Gaining a spot on The Colbert Report with Pete Seeger, featuring his book Pete Seeger in His Own Words—an emblem of our eclectic music series edited by the inimitable David Amram.

1.   Partnering with many of the very best authors in the world of scholarship.

Another list might be more mundane and yet important in terms of the gyrations required to start and grow a business in this economic climate. Its #1 item would be:

Surviving and transcending the economic recession and digital transition during the most challenging 10 years in publishing industry history.

Whether mundane or sublime, it has been both a joyous challenge and a deep pleasure to work with the wonderful authors, staff, freelancers, and readers we have engaged over the past 10 years. We invite you to post your own “Top 10 in 10” list for Paradigm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or through our e-mail contacts on the Paradigm website. We are eager to learn what you value most and want to see more of in our next 10 years.

Many thanks for helping us celebrate!

Dean Birkenkamp
Founder and Publisher

Jennifer Knerr
Associate Publisher and Director of College Publishing

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